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Why Paris is the city of love for art.

Paris has an enormous artistic heritage – for a long time, it was the first stop on the Grand Tour, became a centre of art development in the late 19th century and is the city were the avant-garde emerged. The residency ateliers of the Federal Chancellery are situated between the Centre Pompidou and Place des Vosges in Marais – one of the oldest quarters in the centre of Paris. Given the ties to the Cité internationale des arts and its studio programme, contacts to other artists-in-residence come about easily since more than 1,000 international artists work in the studio buildings every year. Object artists are offered a ground-floor atelier, and two others are allocated to fine artists and photographers.

"During my stay at Cité Internationale des Arts I have expanded my research on interior design and the modern psyche. Part of the research included the writing of Henri Lefebvre and his ideas of the construction of space and the political importance of the everyday. I engaged with studio-based practice such as weaving, drawing and model making, and I made several photographic series related to my topic of research. I have visited many different places during my stay in Paris, I thought to name a few of them: the Communist Party headquarters designed by Brazilian Architect Oscar Niemeyer in 1971, Maison du Brésil Paris by Le Corbusier and Lúcio Costa from 1957, Cite refuge also by Le Corbusier. I made a performative reading at the end of my stay called Home at Work, I did this reading with the German poet Felix Schiller."

1. My stay in one word:
2. Things I miss since I am no longer there:
  The community at cite des arts.
3. Dos & Don'ts at this place:
  See as much as you can by walking, don’t isolate yourself in the studio.
4. Where you can buy great supplies:
5. What you should definitely bring with you from home:
  Bath towel, kitchen towel. If you are there in winter, get a warm pair off knitted socks.
6. On art at my residency place:
  Every month there is a new gallery map coming out that shows all the openings happening in the galleries in the city, get that one and go there. Otherwise Betonsalon, Villa Vassilieff etc.
7. Around the studio – this is where I go shopping, drink a coffee and get the best lunch specials within walking distance:
  Café La Tartine on 24 Rue de Rivoli is a great place for simple lunch, coffee. The best bakery is Au Petit Versailles du Marais, just next-door to the residency. Every Tuesday and Thursday there is a market at Bastille, get your vegetables and fruits there.
8. Where I like to spend the evening (dinner, drinks and best sound):
  Many nice bars in the Marais, otherwise around rue oberkampf, for dinner and drinks belleville is also nice.
9. What I would have liked to know about the studio already at the start of my residency:
  Can't think of anything.
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