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Washington art post.

Sometimes new destinations open up for the international residency programme at short notice — a case in point is the unique residency in the US capital city of Washington D.C. Planned on the drawing board and situated between Maryland and Virginia, the capital is characterised by its imposing buildings as well as their important purposes. We all know the White House, the Capitol, the Supreme Court and the Pentagon – but what about the art scene in the American centre of power that proclaims “Justice for all” on the city’s seal? AWAY artists-in-residence are staying in the Capital Region on Anacostia River to study its structures and special features on site.

"A city unlike any other in the US. 

As the capital of the United States, Washington DC is a city full of contradictions and at first glance, a rather strange place.  However, get past the bureaucrats and government buildings and constant military helicopters flying overhead, the city has a lot to offer, and the location is truly strategic, with only a few hours' drive to many places in the region, including New York City, Baltimore, Philidelphia and Richmond to name a few. The current studio of the Residency is at STABLE in Eckington which houses many local artists in a historical stable building which has been adapted to house a studio community. 

As the very first international artist in residence through the Federal Chancellery of Austria in DC, I was subject to the challenges associated with the creation of a new residency. Nonetheless, being self-sufficient, I was able to spend three very intense months, exploring, working, and researching at many of Washington DC’s fine institutions, most notably at the Library of Congress.  The residency offered many wonderful opportunities, both professional and personal and I am very grateful for the opportunity I was given to be in a place such as DC, together with so many wonderful people and opportunities to experience art and history."




1.  My stay in one word: 
2.  Things I miss since I am no longer there: 
   Freedom. Open-mindedness.   
3.  Dos & Don'ts at this place? 
   Dos: Strolling the National Mall and Arlington National Cemetery. Walking all over the city.
Don'ts: Stepping on a freshly flattened rat. Assuming people do not actually live in DC.
4.  Where you can buy great supplies: 
   Blick Art Materials on I and 13th. Michael’s perhaps. 
5.  What you should definitely bring with you from home: 
   Comfortable walking shoes.  A wide variety of clothing to be able to adjust to the varying temperatures.    
6.  On art at my residency place: 
   See all of the free museums in DC.  Especially the National Gallery.  Visit the Phillips Collection and do not miss at least one visit to Glenstone in Maryland! 
7.  Around the studio – this is where I go shopping, drink a coffee and get the best lunch specials within walking distance: 
   Boundary Stone for a burger and a beer or Big Bear café for coffee and a scone. 
8.  Where I like to spend the evening (dinner, drinks and best sound): 
   Boundary Stone for a rustic bar setting, Haikan for great Ramen, The Hamilton Hotel Bar and Restaurant for a DC atmosphere or drinks and dinner at the Rosewood Hotel in Georgetown. The Greenbelt Theater in Maryland for a movie. 
9.  What I would have liked to know about the studio already at the start of my residency: 
   The things previously listed. 
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