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In 2016, AWAY presents art resulting from the temporary re-location of 105 artists, the stimuli provided by a foreign residency grant for their artistic work and its development. The project reflects the enormous efforts made by everyone involved – by the artists, the organisers of the Federal Chancellery and the partner institutions on site. The AWAY exhibition itself is temporarily located in a former Post and Telegraph Office built in 1910 and, set up on four floors, reveals a panorama of the different residency destinations and the artistic approaches related to those locations.

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The curatorial concept can be outlined quite quickly whereas the complexity of long-term impacts on the artists and their work as well as the Austrian art system is not easy to grasp: In a questionnaire, around 200 artists who benefited from residencies from August 2013 to the end of the exhibition in December 2016 were requested to send a residency report, a portfolio and a proposal for the exhibition. Since the outcome of the residencies is an artistic process rather than “products”, the artists were not only asked for specific works created during or after their stay abroad, but also for their experiences, interim results and “by-products”. After all, the AWAY exhibition aims at making visible the reflexion, i.e. being referred back to oneself, being on one’s way or frequently only being away from everyday life and the scene. However, it also wants to show the different international studios that fundamentally differ by their orientation and the support provided: While some places (Krumlov, Banff) foster focused work in an atmosphere similar to a retreat, others (such as ISCP in New York) offer strategic, career-promoting programmes. The destinations include a number of new mega-cities (Istanbul, Shanghai, Tokyo), but also Europe’s classical, iconic art centres with a focus on photography (London, Rome and Paris). At Yogyakarta, one of the residencies is located in the “global south”, tending in its orientation towards a project-in-residence and also permitting exhibitions.


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stories from abroad

Away Poster

Stories from abroad, curated by Alexandra Grausam and Genoveva Rückert, presents art resulting from the temporary re-location of 106 artists as well as the stimuli provided by a foreign residency grant for their artistic work. The exhibition is accompanied by numerous publications and interim reports by many more former and current artists-in-residence.

Set up on four floors and 2,700 m2, the exhibition reveals a panorama of the different residency destinations and stories brought home. Stories from abroad starts on the 4th floor of the former Imperial and Royal Post and Telegraph Office by outlining the chronology of the destinations and 1,200 grants (since 1985) of the renowned international residency programme of the Austrian Federal Chancellery.

Works created in Chengdu/China and the media art studio in Yogyakarta/Indonesia provide the atmospheric entry point, followed by artistic positions developed at the coveted studios in New York that are on display in the historic room. And via photos, installations and objects, the journey continues to the iconic European art cities of Rome and Paris. The bright rooms of the 5th floor are dedicated to positions from Shanghai and a work from the media studio in Banff/Canada. On the 2nd floor, acoustic impressions from different places guide the visitors to artists from the studios in Istanbul, Krumlov and London and on to a section focusing on film. Finally, the 1st floor provides room for the project’s theoretical reflections in the think tank. Here, exhibits take visitors to inspirational origins in Mexico, Beijing, Tokyo and Chicago.

In addition to presenting specific works, the exhibition also makes room for a discussion of studios in contrast to site-specific work and “being referred back to oneself”.

exhibition floor plan


Former Imperial and Royal Post and Telegraph Office
Zollergasse 31, 1070 Vienna

Public accessibility:
Tram 49: Stop Siebensterngasse (3-min walk) 

Underground U3: Stop Neubaugasse (3-min walk) 

Next car park: Lindengasse 17-19 (3-min walk)

By Feet:
4 min walking distance from Mariahilferstraße, 10 min from Museumsquartier and 15 min from Westbahnhof.

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Previews and reviews, seeing all the nooks and crannies: stroll through the exhibition of Stories from abroad, accompany Thomas Drozda, the Austrian Minister for Arts and Culture, on his tour through the exhibition and have a look at the photos of eSeL to see what was going on at the former Imperial and Royal Post and Telegraph Office during the opening of AWAY on 9 November 2016.

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10/11/2016 | 11/12/2016

AWAY exhibition | Stories from abroad


Works of around 100 artists. Impressions, statements and experiences – artists-in-residence transmit texts and images virtually and in real time from studios in all corners of the world. Discussions with art and cultural policy experts. Exhibition, Instagram residency and publication: all that is AWAY – a project around residencies that takes stock of the renowned international residency programme under which the Austrian Federal Chancellery has sent Austrian artists all over the world since the 1980s.

kozek hörlonski
Salvatore Viviano
Kosta Tonev

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Guided tours by the curator

Former Imperial and Royal Post and Telegraph Office
Zollergasse 31, 1070 Vienna

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Stories from abroad opens up spaces and stories, an artistic view of places abroad and on the artists’ own personality in this new environment.


Out of 185 artist contacts and around 120 submissions, we selected 105 artistic positions that directly tell their “Stories from abroad” in the exhibition. All the artists taking part in the exhibition are listed here.

Additionally, you can explore many experiences, statements and studio impressions provided by artists not represented in the exhibition in the AWAY Instagram-Residency#artistsaway and in the diary.


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