While "away" refers to leaving a place and stands for a fresh start and making new experiences, "a way" describes the course leading into a certain direction. Artists are seekers, sometimes nomads and voyagers. In order to create their works outside the national art system and under the influence of a new environment, they often move their studio to foreign countries. Residencies abroad are considered to be evidence of a successful career, constitute a key section in biographies and also are an important instrument of public art promotion. Numerous Western European countries have seen a new upturn in stays of domestic artists in important art metropolises and remote retreats in the form of artist-in-residence programmes and studio grants since the 1990s. International residencies that, indeed, are regarded as an accolade also play a significant part in Austria's art scene.

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When travelling becomes impossible, an international residency programme faces unimagined challenges – premises, grants and schedules need to be co-ordinated from scratch. Some destinations, such as the studios at the Cité in Paris, continued to be accessible as usual. The ISCP based in New York moved its entire programme to the virtual space, while the studio in Tokyo was used by an Austrian artist who was on site and the studio at Fabrika in Moscow was made available to local artists for implementing projects related to Austria on an interim basis.

By suspending the calls for the international residency programme, the Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, the Civil Service and Sport makes it possible for artists to postpone their residencies before the usual programme rhythm is going to resume in 2022/23. Moreover, the genre restrictions will be abandoned for a majority of destinations so that almost all of them will be open to artists active in the fields of visual arts, photography and media art. Only the studio in Banff will still be reserved for media artists.

47       years of programme history
26       destinations on 3 continents
882    artists-in-residence
51       artist diaries
126    take-overs of the AWAY Instagram residency
827    open calls of national and international partner organisations
1          publication
1          exhibition 


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Since 2016, AWAY – a project around residencies has put the spotlight on the renowned international residency programme of the Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, the Civil Service and Sport and has established itself as one of the most extensive information and exchange platforms on artist residencies in Austria. Making current residencies visible, providing organisational guidance and documenting more than 40 years of programme history are the pillars of the project.

The structure and objectives of AWAY as a platform were developed together with experts in the laboratory based on the outcome of the discursive programme as well as the continuous feedback received from participating artists. In particular, the top priority that has emerged is the issue of contents and framework conditions needed so that a grant programme can continuously innovate in order to stay interesting, significant and effective.


By participating and sharing their experiences and work processes, it is the artists themselves who illustrate the abstract information compendium of AWAY and make their activities visible for potential artists-in-residence, the interested public and programme organisers. Thus, the grant beneficiaries have an active role to play in highlighting the relevance of the programme, supporting the continuation of promotional activities and providing insights into their temporary studios.

AWAY was initiated by the Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, the Civil Service and Sport to address current challenges that go hand in hand with the provision of studio places abroad; it was designed by Alexandra Grausam and implemented together with her team and many artists.


Since 2016, AWAY used different formats to review the renowned international residency programme under which the Austrian Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, the Civil Service and Sport has sent Austrian artists all over the world since the 1970s in order to allow them to work in other cultural areas and to meet the demand of the art system for networking and international presence. The programme has continuously changed over the years and currently offers 13 studio places at 10 destinations accommodating around 50 artists from the fields of visual arts, photography and media art every year.

AWAY took stock of this broad range of remarkable contents in the publication in 2018. As a documentation of the 2016 exhibition with 170 positions and of the laboratory including the discussions contributed by think tanks and the symposium, it contrasts artistic outcomes, structural components and theoretical approaches in order to point out forward-looking impulses for international studio and residency programmes in an evaluating outlook going beyond a purely documentary record.

In 2016, this important field of Austrian art promotion was presented to a wider public in the exhibition and the laboratory, the discursive programme with experts and artists in which ideas for the future of artist residencies were discussed at various levels.

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artists on tour

Every year, the Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, the Civil Service and Sport sends around 50 artists to the thirteen foreign studios of the republic, for a period of three to six months. Since the 1970s, about 950 artists have been invited to work in these temporary studios, in order to discover and expand the artistic situation on site and their own work in a new environment.

In addition to the Artists in Residence of the Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, the Civil Service and Sport, the current artists of the Regional Government of Salzburg and the Regional Government of Styria are also listed below:

Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, the Civil Service and Sport

Out of the nominations for the year 2021 by a jury of experts from the Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, the Civil Service and Sport, the following artists are currently traveling:

Lukas Posch
01/2023 - 04/2023

Regional Government of Styria

To promote international contacts and experiences, the Regional Government of Styria anually awards four to six studio scholarships to young artists and theorists from Styria. At the same time, up to 20 scholarships are offered for international applicants with living and working space in Graz.

For the year 2021, the Regional Government of Styria is providing studio spaces in these locations: Athens / Greece, Belgrade / Serbia, Brussels / Belgium, Graz / Styria, Jerusalem / Israel, Rijeka / Croatia, Sarajevo / Bosnia and Herzegovina, Trieste / Italy

The following artists were selected by a jury of experts for the current scholarships abroad.

For distinction, the names of the scholarship holders who were sent abroad or to other Austrian states (outgoing programme) are stated in black letters, while those scholarship holders who were invited to Austria (incoming programme) are written in white.

Regional Government of Salzburg

The Regional Government of Salzburg annually awards 15 foreign studios for one to four months to visual artists and curators who were born in Salzburg or have lived and worked in Salzburg for five years. In addition, a Salzburg born artist will be offered a studio in Vienna during the summer months.

As soon as the nominations for 2021 have been published, you will be informed here which artists were nominated for the following studios abroad:

Ahtopol / Bulgaria, Berlin / Germany, Budapest / Hungary, Cali / Colombia, Chicago / USA, Daugavpils, Mark Rothko-Center / Latvia, Paris / France, Liviv (Lemberg) / Ukraine, Mérida / Mexico, Mérida, Fundación Gerda Gruber/Mexico, Paliano (near Rome) / Italy, Tainan / Taiwan, Tehran / Iran, Tirana / Albania, Tbilisi / Georgia, Bosa (Sardinia) / Italy, Warsaw / Poland, Varanasi / India

artists list

Around 950 Austrian artists have worked at a studio provided by the Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, the Civil Service and Sport abroad since the 1970s. Many of them are well known – artists who represented Austria at the Venice Biennale, documenta or other renowned exhibitions of contemporary art, who pass on their experiences and know-how to the next generation at national and international art universities and who succeed in the global art market.


Macher, Rudolf
Macketanz, Christian
Mahlknecht , Brigitte
Maier, Marlene
Maier, Theodor
Maier-Rothe, Kai
Maitz , Petra
Malicky, Stefan
Malnig , Felix
Manfredi , Anja
Margan , Luiza
Margreiter , Dorit
Mark , Helmut
Mark , Manuela

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Nein, Lilo
Nestler, Gerald
Neudeck, Lydia
Neuerer, Gregor
Neulinger, Jakob
Neumaier, Natalie
Neunteufel, Eric
Neuwirth, Flora
Nevidal, Hans
Nicklin, Saskia Te
Nimmerfall , Karina
Nösslböck, Heike
Nowak, Rita
Nußbaumer, Ingo

Oberdanner, Annelies
Obermair, Wolfgang
Oberndorfer, Markus
Oberthaler , Nick
Oberwalder, Zita
Ocherbauer, Eva Maria
Oder, Katharina
Ody, Noële
Olschbaur, Katherina
Oppl, Bernd
Ortmeyer, Sarah
Osterider, Martin
Osterider, Stefan
Otte, Hanns

Raditsch, Florian
Raff, Liesl
Raidel, Ella
Rappold, Bernhard
Rastl, Lisa
Rausch, Astrid
Rauter, Ulla
Rautter, Konrad
Redl, Erwin
Redl, Thomas
Reichmann, Wolfgang
Reichstein, Sascha
Reif, Linda
Reinhart, Patricia

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Sagadin, Marusa
Saidi, Samira
Salner, Georg
Salner Wally, Wally
Salzmann, Andrea
Sandbichler, Peter
Saxiner , Otto Berthold
Schaab, Samuel
Schachinger, Beate
Schäfer, Heike
Schaller, Lukas
Scharnagl, Hans
Schatt, Nicole
Schatzl, Gabriele

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Tagwerker, Georld
Taschler, Klaus
Tauss, Eduard
Teufl , Grischinka
Thaler , Wolfgang
Thießen, Lilli
Thorsen, Sofie
Tiefentaler, Hannelore
Tillmann, Tine
Timischl, Philipp
Tinzl, Johanna
Titze, Simon
Tomasi, Benjamin
Tomicek, Timotheus

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Unterkofler, Matthias
Ursprung , Eva
Utech, Max

Wachter, Christian
Waegner, Ute Belina
Wagner, Antony
Wagner, Elisabeth
Wagner, Astrid Käthe
Wagner, Martin
Wagnest, Martha
Walch, Martin
Walde, Martin
Walkowiak, Kay
Wallner, Christian
Watzal, Flora
Weber , Helmut
Weber, Christoph

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Zahornicky, Robert
Zaitseva, Alexandra
Załuska, Natalia
Zebedin, Hannes
Zechner, Johannes
Zedtwitz, Alexandra
Zeilner, Gerlind
Zenk, Conny
Zeyringer, Dorothea
Zimmer, Klaus Dieter
Zimmermann, Sabine
Zinganel, Michael
Zobernig, Heimo
Zobl und Schneider, Beatrix und Wolfgang

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Alexandra Grausam
Projectlead & Curator, head of AWAY publication

Born in Vienna, studied art history at the University of Vienna as well as conservation – restoration at the Technical University of Munich and the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.

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In 2006 she founded Atelier Siebenstern focusing on the restoration of contemporary works of art and paintings. In 2007 she co-founded the art association das weisse haus which she has managed to date and which was expanded to include a studio and residency programme (studio das weisse haus) in 2013. Alexandra Grausam was co-curator and co-organiser of the project »Hard to Sell, Good to Have« in 2010. Moreover, she was a jury member of »BESTOFF« (annual exhibition of the University of Art and Design in Linz) and the »Diagonale Prize for Innovative Cinema « in 2016 and has been a member of the Supervisory Board of Kunsthalle Wien and the »New Media« advisory board of the City of Vienna since 2017. AWAY was designed by Alexandra Grausam and curated by her together with Genoveva Rückert and Katja Stecher for the Federal Chancellery Austria.

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Juliana Furthner
Project Assistant & communication

studied teacher training for elementary school with a didactic focus on art education at the Pedagogical College Salzburg and art history at the University of Vienna.

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In her current Master's program in Theater, Film and Media Studies/University of Vienna, her main interest lies in contemporary performance and testing theoretical concepts and theses on new, artistic, pop-cultural and everyday contexts.
Juliana Furthner worked in the residency program studio das weisse haus, for Christo and Jeanne-Claude as well as for the Impulstanz Festival; has been involved in national and international exhibition projects and is currently working in the project management of Vienna Art Week. She joined the AWAY team in the end of 2021 - focusing on expanding social media contents and intensifying new program strands for the platform.


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Alexandra Uedl
Head of Text, text editorial department AWAY publication

Studied journalism and communication sciences as well as art history in Vienna and Utrecht (Netherlands).

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She made her way to copywriting by working in PR and for a motley group of accounts for many years. She has been employed by Blumenkraft in Vienna since 2001 – as a fully-fledged florist after obtaining her apprenticeship certificate in 2005. Cooperation with Leonard Koren on the book project The Flower Shop. Since 2011, Alexandra Uedl has been active as a free-lance copywriter for online and printed stories and specialised in storytelling and corporate publishing. She drafts wordings, develops product names, conducts and writes interviews, speeches, recipes and children’s stories and is responsible for the textual presentation of several Austrian enterprises. Her position is Head of Text within the framework of AWAY.

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