Team & Contact

Alexandra Grausam

Initiator and Manager

Alexandra Grausam is co-founder and head of the art association das weisse haus in Vienna that provides a platform for the presentation and production of art, dialogue and discourse. She is responsible for the conceptual design of Away Art Residencies, for the exhibition Stories from Abroad as a co-curator as well as for the publication AWAY – The Book about Residencies. In addition to teaching assignments, she serves on several advisory boards and juries as well as on the Supervisory Board of Kunsthalle Wien. Moreover, she manages Atelier Siebenstern specializing in the restoration of paintings and contemporary art.

Lena Schober


Lena Schober works in the field of museology at the Leopold Museum. Additionally, she serves as a project assistant at As a new member of the Away team, she manages the social media channels and website while focusing on conceptualizing new program formats created within the framework of expanding the platform to include studio programs from Austrian federal states.

Juliana Furthner


Juliana Furthner is involved in national and international exhibition projects and has worked in the project management of the Vienna Art Week since 2022. She joined the Away team towards the end of 2021 – focusing on expanding social media contents and intensifying new program strands for the platform.

Alexandra Uedl

Head of Text

Alexandra Uedl works as a freelance copywriter on art and business projects, as a florist at blumenkraft and has been Head of Text for Away since 2016. She was a co-author of the publication AWAY – The Book about Residencies (2018) and project assistant for The Chat Set/das weisse haus digital (2021). Since 2022, she has been the author of the soart publication #05.

We thank all former colleagues who, through their work, made great contributions to the development of Away Art Residencies: Serena Fanara, Synne Genzmer, Philipp Krummel, Sheyda Malek, Eva Oberhofer, Genoveva Rückert, Lucas Schmid, Katja Stecher, Alexandra Tatar and Alexandra-Maria Toth.